The Chauchilla Cemetery is located about 30 km south east of Nazca. It is a pre Inca funeral site. It is more than 1,000 years old. Whilst some experts believe it was used by the Wari Culture others propose that it belonged to the Nazca Civilisation.

Although the site has been looted many times over the past centuries the cemetery still has a number of intact tombs where fragments of ceramics and textiles can be appreciated. However, the most striking remains are of the mummies which continue to be well conserved despite their age. In many cases hair and even skin can still be seen. The site has been protected since 1997.




Duration: Approximately 2½ hours


You will be collected from your hotel at the agreed time. We shall then head out of Nazca in a southerly direction along the Panamerican Highway. After about 20km we shall head along an unpaved but good road into the desert for about 8km.

Once we arrive at the cemetery we shall take a short walk to visit several of the tombs where we shall see the mummies and the offerings which were buried with them. This is the only cemetery in Peru where mummies can be seen in their original tombs. Some of the mummies have hair over 1m long. There are both adults and children in the fetal position.

On our return to Nazca we shall make a short stop at a ceramic workshop where the potters will demonstrate how the Nazca Civilization made their ceramics.

Upon completion of the tour we shall drop you off at your hotels.






The price includes:

  • Pick up at hotel
  • Private transport throughout the tour
  • A profesional guide
  • Entrance to the cemetery
  • Entrance to the ceramics workshop
  • Drop off at hotel