Pecocuwi was founded in June 2010. It offers original rural based tours on the route between Cusco and Nazca as well as traditional tours around both cities.

Our principal base is in Cusco but we also have key points of contact in Nazca and in the Sondondo valley where we are pioneers in offering tours on a regular basis. The manager of the company is British but has lived in Peru since 1993. He is a zoologist and also Director of the NGO, Cusichaca which runs rural development projects which promote the Andean Culture together with local organisations in the Sondondo and Chicha Soras valleys. The administrator is Peruvian. She lives in Cusco and is an archaeologist.

We have a number of tours which will depart on specific dates with fixed prices (visit the website) but as a company we are also very interested in helping to organise individual tours and itineraries for those visitors who wish to experiment something different including long term stays in rural communities. We also promote educational tourism covering different Andean themes and aimed at Universities and Schools.

We work and coordinate with the Communities which receive the tours. Local guides are employed and all accommodation used has local owners. We retain particularly close links with a local tourist organisation called ADETURC (Asociación para el Desarrollo Turistico y Cultural de Andamarca), which is based in the village of Andamarca in the Sondondo valley. The Mothers Club prepares all of the meals in Pampachiri.

We will guarantee to run the programed trips even if there is only one visitor on a particular day. Therefore you can be sure that there will be no last minute cancelations once you have confirmed your booking.

Finally we wish you a great stay in the marvelous country of Peru.