We understand that these days many travellers are not so interested in conventional tourism. For those visitors with time available and interested in sharing the daily life of rural families in the Highlands of Peru we would be delighted to arrange stays in local homes within the Sondondo valley.

In such cases we can help design individual programs according to the wishes of the client mixing opportunities to participate in agricultural activities and traditional Andean customs with visits to some of the many attractions with local guides. Activities could include helping to rehabilitate agricultural terraces, going out with the Yaku alcalde (Water authority) to help with water distribution, milking cows, making cheeses, learning the scissor dance, participating in offerings to Mother Earth etc.


We can organize long term stays for individuals or groups interested in working as volunteer in different disciplines. The type of position sought could vary from the construction of toilets for schools to work as dentists or doctors. When you get in touch with us we can help find a suitable program.


We would be delighted to help in the organization of individual packages for people or groups which have particular interests. Help could include any aspect of your journeys: recommending and/or reserving hotels, purchase of train or bus tickets, the organization of private or group tours. We can recommend and organize visits to places outside the usual tourist circuits.

This service is open for the whole of Peru but with more personalized information on Cusco and Nazca including the surrounding areas.

Please contact us to open a dialog

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